About Us

Riversands Farm is a beautiful piece of land rich in history. It all started around the late 1940s  when being a free-range chicken farm, Granny Lemay started selling her eggs and chickens on the side of the William Nicol which was still a dirt road. She then opened the soon to be famous Riversands Farmstall which became a weekend country outing. People came in their droves to buy the delicious  chicken pies (still available in the current Village).
As Fourways expanded, people needed a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The animals disappeared and the New Riversands Farm Village” took shape.
Well known for its many large events, our first event in 2001 took a journey back in time to the Medieval times with knights on horseback jousting to win over their fair maidens. Since then we have hosted numerous different themed events including 3 JHB days, Coke Zero Fest featuring Snow Patrol and Oasis, the annual Warrior Race and Muddy Princess, large sporting events as well as Corporate and Family days of all sizes.
The farm is also popular for movie shoots for example “Long walk to Freedom” due to its rich history and rural beauty.

For a better look at our venue please watch our video

Riversands Farm Village is open to the public seven days a week. There is no charge. Leave your baggage at the the gate and use the peace to recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

The entrepreneurs on site earn a living with their small businesses.

Please observe that only food and drinks bought from our stalls, may be consumed on the premises.

We want to be known as a festive place, not a noisy one. We’re part of a community. Please respect our neighbours.

Our Farm Village Pies Now Available!

Pet Friendly
Free wifi

Country life right on your doorstep

Sunday chilling the way it should be



No ATM on Site

Limited Credit Card Facilities

Trading Hours: Sat/ Sunday 9am – 4pm 

Village Closes at Sunset

Open on Public Holidays

Entrance is free!

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